Joint Armenian-Russian war games

Third joint Armenian-Russian military exercises were over Friday at the Marshal Bagramyan testing grounds in the Armavir region, Armenia, where shooting was practised together with command tactics.

"A joint Armenian-Russian military grouping has shaped up and the exercises were a success," said Armenian Defence Minister Serge Sarkisyan when the manoeuvres were over.

All Russian and Armenian units displayed teamwork and all the assignments set to servicemen have been fulfilled, added the minister. He also pointed to the logistics of the games, saying that it improves year by year.

It is for the first time that an anti-mine projectile, Zmei Gorynich, was applied for crossing mine-fields. Besides, the portable anti-aircraft Igla complex was used and paratroopers landed.

Major General Alexander Titov, commander of the 102nd Russian military base, rated the exercises with four points out of the 5-point score. "The games were well-coordinated, I am content with their course," he said.