Russia prepares NATO a surprise in space In response to Nord Stream explosions

The Russian army responds to explosions of Nord Streams pipelines

Russian political strategist Marat Bashirov believes that attacking NATO satellites would be a good response to the explosions of Nord Stream pipelines.

On October 5, it was reported that NATO reconnaissance satellites went out of order after the Russians used advanced laser weapons. As a result, the West lost the ability to control the movement of part of Russia's nuclear weapons.

According to experts, the Russian army used the Peresvet laser system. The system is capable of disabling satellites at a distance of up to 1,500 kilometers.

After the use of this weapon, the alliance lost control over a half of Russian nuclear missiles, media said.

Bashirov suggested in his Telegram channel that the neutralization of Western satellites came as Moscow's response to the recent accidents at Nord Stream gas pipelines. The measures taken will make the use of many American arms systems, such as, for example, HIMARS MLRS, pointless.

"Neutralizing satellites is a good response to blowing up Nord Stream. Without satellites, American HIMARS are ordinary Katyushas,” the expert summed up.

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