Expert explains why Russia withdraws troops from Snake Island

Military expert Konstantin Sivkov explained why Russia had made the decision to withdraw the Russian troops from Snake Island in Ukraine.

Sivkov is sure that it has became known about the impending attack on the island by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using powerful Western weapons, and the Russian forces on the Snake Island could have suffered heavy losses.

“It can be assumed that it became known from the intelligence data that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were preparing a large-scale attack on this island, which would be difficult to repel with cash forces. It is possible that the use of French CAESAR self-propelled artillery mounts supplied by the West was supposed to be used,” Sivkov said.

The Ukrainian military deployed installations in the immediate vicinity, just 36 km from the island, the expert noted, so further stay on the island became dangerous.

"Such strikes on the island threatened the loss of personnel, and therefore such a decision was made," Sivkov concluded.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin