FRG chancellor speaks against US possible military intervention into Iraq again

FRG Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder spoke against the US's possible military intervention into Iraq once again. The German leader, chairman of the SDPG, had made his statement in Hanover on Monday, before the beginning of the session of the SDPG's presidium. According to Schroeder, "those planning the intervention must think of political and economic consequences" the step will entail. Besides, the German chancellor is against the beginning of a military "intervention with no concept." At the same time, the FRG leader supports the idea "to continue pressure upon Saddam Hussein." Earlier Gerhard Schroeder and FRG Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer came down on US plans of military attack against Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime. According to German's current government, "the FRG is always ready to show solidarity with the world community and American friends, however it is not going to participate in hazardous activities."