NATO occupies Europe under the pretext of protection from Russia

NATO's increasing military buildup in Eastern Europe could be part of the operation of the alliance to occupy the region under the pretext of protection from Russia's alleged aggression, Alexander Perendzhiev, a member of the expert council of Russian Officers told Pravda.Ru commenting on the latest move of the alliance to deploy additional forces in Eastern Europe.

"It appears that NATO's group in Europe, and in fact the United States, is occupying Eastern Europe, allegedly under the pretext of the need to protect Europe from Russia's aggression," the political scientist said.

NATO may subsequently use the troops deployed in Eastern Europe to conduct aggressive and provocative actions against Russia.

"Most likely, it goes about a major provocation that the United States is working on, and most likely this provocation is associated with Ukraine. It appears that they are going to stage something and then accuse Russia of that," Perendzhiev said.

Earlier, NATO announced the dispatch of additional fighter aircraft and warships to Eastern Europe due to Russia's imminent aggression against Ukraine.

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