Americans declassify plans to drop 466 nuclear bombs on USSR

The Americans have declassified the plan for the nuclear attack on the USSR, which was supposed to take place after the end of World War II. As it  can be seen from the declassified documents, the Americans realised that they were going to bomb the country that had defeated Nazi Germany, the Daily Star wrote.

The plan is dated from September 15, 1945. It says that the US would need 466 nuclear bombs to destroy the USSR. US generals designated 66 cities as primary targets. The atomic bombing was supposed to break the will of the Soviet Union and its ability to resist. At the end of World War II, the US tested two revolutionary atomic bombs by dropping them on Japan. "Only two such bombs were dropped on Japan, but these were spectacularly successful," the document says.

The plan provided 204 bombs would be enough to destroy major cities of the Soviet Union. Another 20 bombs would be required to destroy Soviet army bases. However, in order to achieve the result, the creators of the atomic plan took into account 48 percent of the "efficiency coefficient" to thus have the required number of 466 bombs.

Supposedly, such plans were required for the purpose of misinformation, because the United States simply did not have the required amount of nuclear weapons back then. Thus, the US military had only nine atomic bombs and 27 B-29 aircraft that could deliver them in 1946.

The list of nuclear targets marked as No. 275, dating back from 1959 could probably be called frightening and shocking because some of the targets were designated with one word - "population."


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