French Town Evian Hosting CIS Third International Business Summit

On the 1st-4th of October the French resort alpine town Evian will host the third international business-summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States "Business development in the CIS: WTO - tool or end in itself?" The key objective of the summit is "to turn the discussion on joining the WTO from theory to practical analysis of the coming changes in the key sectors of the CIS economies," said the organizational committee of the Evian summit.

The CIS representatives will discuss with their western colleagues the problems of integrating the CIS member-states into the World Trade Organization and the aftermath of this step for the CIS real sectors of economy, primarily for energy, transport, metallurgy, oil chemistry, mechanical engineering, stock markets, banking and insurance.

The summit will gather representatives of the European Business Association, the Russian-British and Russian-American Chambers of Commerce, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as well as other international financial and economic institutions.

Information support of the Evian business-summit is provided by RIA Novosti, its weekly publication "The Russian Mirror" as well as a number of other Russian mass media.