Trump chooses Kennedy’s fate?

The WikiLeaks has prepared statistics on 10m data it published. One of the most bright revelations concerns the US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. After a number of data on the US acts in Iraq and Afghanistan had been published, Clinton wanted to annihilate Assange with a drone in 2010. Percentage of civilians who have been killed because of acts of the US Armed Forces is enormous. How did Assange manage to evade it? And if Clinton squanders lives so easily, won't she squander the country and press 'buttons' the same way?

Iliya Belous, President of the Institute of Scientific Researches of the Third Millennium, commented Pravda.Ru on the issue.

'She definitely will. Hillary Clinton represents an American lobby, which is called the war party. It's a complex of weapon producers, intelligence complex, financiers who preach the theory of total control over the world with the help of controlled chaos. Not only attempts but real successful cases of Hillary's opponents annihilation are well-known. And one of her allies - the CIA - is always involved.

Julian Assange is a very important figure in global policy. And I think that attempts to kill him have not been ceased. He should be alive due to acts of our counterintelligence.

What about Clinton's future policy, she'll have to maintain chaos in the world, and the Middle East in particular. The New American Age program presupposes that the US should secure global domination due to control over oil-bearing lands of the Middle East and transport systems as well, which can deliver these riches to the rest of the world.

That is why dozens of thousands US soldiers and military equipment were deployed in the Middle East before 11 September under the guise of drills and started seizing the Middle East just after 9/11.

Hillary Clinton will do everything possible not to have peace established in the Middle East. Aggressive policy towards Russia will be continued in the same way. Conflicts around its borders (in Ukraine, the Baltics, Central Asia) will be stimulated, various groups have already started penetrating the areas. Serious attention will be paid to destruction of our country from inside as well. They will be striving to topple unwanted leaders all over the world, and the Fifth Column will be working hard.

Donald Trump aims at mutual earning of money, establishment of economic relations. But it's not clear for all the common Americans, as they don't earn for a living by producing helicopters and anti-tank anti-aircraft systems the US delivers to the Middle East. Thus, Trump is also an assassination attempt target of the CIA.

Unless Clinton wins, Trump will be killed. The US analysts write about it, not only Russian ones.

The CIA itself was founded in 1947 and since then it has been based on the Russian threat. It gains enormous budgets due to it. In case Trump wins, it'll lose its influence and money, as nobody will believe in the Russian threat. Thus, Kennedy's scenario may take place.

Not only Americans, but international activists, hackers try to prevent this crazy woman with a nuclear button from coming to power.

She is not capable of governing the country because of her health, psychological, physical state as well as ideology stances. However, the US is under great influence of the CIA and FBI. So when the election day comes, all these resources, including the military-industrial complex, the Pentagon, Wall Street, global financial elites, the Bilderberg group will be directed at not to let Trump win. Unless they manage to do it, Plan B on annihilation of Trump will be put into effect'.



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