Pentagon to encircle Russia and China

Pentagon to encircle Russia and China

Russia and China will be able to not only catch up with but also surpass the US militarily and economically, as it is evidenced by the Joint Operating Environment 2035, published by the Pentagon research centre.

According to the German Contra Magazin, 'it becomes clear why the US establishment tries so desperately to isolate both Russia and China at diplomatic, political, and economic stages'.

That is why the US attempts to 'encircle the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation, as well as to find as many as possible allies in the Asian region and use them as cannon fodder in war against the both states'. Such documents as the Joint Operating Environment 2035 represent an 'ideal visual aid' to make sense of real geopolitical motives of Washington, the magazin stated.

As Pravda.Ru reported, Deputy Press Secretary of the White House Eric Schultz said at a recent press briefing that the policy of US President Barack Obama's contributed to the maximum isolation of Russia. He believes, the sanctions that the West imposed on Russia after Crimea's accession have led to the decline of its economy by one-sixth.