EU not to care a fig for its citizens

The European Commission aims to offer Ukraine a visa-free regime, a diplomatic source in the EU reported.

The European Commission intends to go the length of such a step despite results of the referendum in the Netherlands. Ruslan Bortnik, Director at the Ukrainian Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Politics, told Pravda.Ru whether the authorities are really ready to ignore voters from the Netherlands.

"One should realize that decision on a visa-free regime for Ukraine is based not on some legal, economic, or social realia. It is a purely geopolitical decision, an attempt to socialize Ukraine, set it on Moldova's course at least, not to allow Russian influence restoration in the territory of Ukraine.

Thus, such a decision may be taken any moment, regardless of the public opinion in Europe and situation in Ukraine. A very serious card is being played for the American and European politicians given their confrontation with Russia," the political scientist noted.

The majority of the EU member-states and the European Parliament appear to approve the visa-free regime.

"All in all, a significant influence of the United States is present there. The Europeans certainly may protest, but I don't believe that this protest can be a global one and extremely dangerous for the EU institutes.

When politicians take such decisions, most of them will probably lose the following elections. But taking into account the pressure, common stance of the European and American authorities, it is more important to take such a decision and remain in the political system," Ruslan Bortnik pointed out.


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