US does not even hide preparations for military confrontation with Russia

The United States, without even hiding it, has been getting ready for a military confrontation with Russia, thus increasing the risk of a nuclear war many times.

'Stop NATO' blog editor Rick Rosoff said in September 2010 that the Pentagon was using the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)  as a training ground for both the war in Afghanistan and other future wars, an article posted on Global Research said.

During the recent years, NATO has grown from 16 to 28 member countries. Former Soviet republics, such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, joined the alliance, and Washington used their territories to deploy military bases and military weapons there, along with initial stages of the European missile defense system.

The deployment of US and NATO forces near Russian borders violates the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe from 1991 that prohibits certain categories of conventional military equipment in Europe, the publication said.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland were used to prepare for a potential confrontation with Russia, A number of large-scale military exercises were conducted, thus marking preparations for  third world war.

At the same time, US and European officials consistently lie about Russia's non-existent aggression in Ukraine, as well as about the deployment of troops and military aircraft in Syria. According to the authors of the article, Moscow is the main peacemaker on the continent, whereas Washington threatens peace, security and stability in the whole world.

The term "Russia's aggression" is regularly used to justify the deployment of US military hardware in Eastern Europe and large-scale military exercises near the borders of Russia. In addition, NATO tris to make its members increase defense spending.

German broadcaster ZDF has recently reported that the US was planning to deploy powerful B61 thermonuclear bombs in Germany.


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