Ukrainian tankmen give ultimatum to President Poroshenko

The Ukrainian President Poroshenko got an ultimatum delivered by the tank brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, that rejects to draw duty, unless the command establishes order in the country.

The tank men shot a video, where they report on not taking dictation any more, until their demands are fulfilled.

'We are ready to demobilize, but in case special troops try to take us by storm, they will meet a resounding rebuff,' the soldiers claimed.

They listed all the problems they came across and called it an 'outrage'. No rotation has been made during a year. The commander simply ignored his duties, left his soldiers and went on vacation.

No provision is delivered, everything they get, is supplied by volunteers.

'Look, what we are wearing. We are like tramps,' the soldiers say. The clothes they have are gathered by the local population, and don't have a look of a military uniform.

The situation is getting worse, despite the statements of the authorities. Half of the soldiers intended to stay in the army in March, but now there is none of such.

Pravda.Ru has already reported on a statement of Aleksandr Lapko, the NATO representative in Ukraine, who claimed that corruption in the Ukrainian Army is at its top. Sometimes soldiers even have to pay for weaponry and munition they get, as being mobilized.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team