US Leftist Jews cast out of community

The US Jews appear to be isolated in the entire world.

While pointing at the Israeli Jews as being left alone those in the America found themselves cast out of the community.

American Jews used to be noted for their self-confidence; instead they now appear weak and fearful. American Jewish organizations used to take the lead on antisemitism. These days organizations in the UK, Israel and France do the work that American Jewish groups won't do. No American Jewish establishment organization is willing to stand up to Obama even as he signs off on an Iranian bomb.

Israeli, British, Canadian, Australian and French Jews stand together and vote Conservative, while the American Jews turn left.

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Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz whined that Jews should vote Democrat because of abortion. She recently claimed that Jews overwhelmingly favor gay rights. Schultz insists that "Democrats' values are embedded in our Judaism", but what happens when American Jews no longer share her version of Judaism which puts abortion ahead of Israel?

Three-quarters of all Jewish children in New York City are Orthodox. A pre-election Siena College survey showed Jewish support split roughly between Obama and Romney. Obama's worst performance occurred in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods where Romney won more than 90 percent of the vote.

Orthodox Jews are a minority within a minority, but they are a fast growing minority because they don't share the abortion and gay rights values of the Democrats.

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The American Jewish establishment is far more concerned with holding on to their grandchildren who are drifting left than to do anything meaningful about left-wing antisemitism. The establishment has moved to accommodate a dying "new generation" of young Jews who tilt left and don't care much about Israel. That's not who the future Jews of America are. Those Jews who don't care about Israel, also don't care about staying Jewish. They may be the future of the left, but not of the Jewish people.

American liberal Jews are swiftly becoming the last of their kind. The Jews of the world have made their choice. It's up to American Jews to save their own future.

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