Saudi Security Forces arrest or sent to exile around 174 000 in a month

Last month over 170 000 Saudi citizens were arrested, sent to exile or even revoked citizenship by Saudi security forces. Saudi king within the invasion of neighboring Yemen has widened detention of dissidents across the country.

Shiites and opposite to Wahhabists Sunni groups became target of "unlimited detention" law.

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Saudi authorities fear outbreak of civil protests. There are almost 10 million foreign workers from different country of Middle East and Asia. Mostly foreign workers are mistreated. They are often beaten, have low wage. There are even cases of murder of Ethiopian workers in public places.

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Worldwide human rights activists have not yet evaluated the arbitrariness of Saudi intelligence. America's leading organizations for the protection of Human Rights - Human Rights Watch, keeps silent probably because it is lose to the US Congress - ally to the Riyadh authorities.

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