Malaysian former PM demands all fragments of MH17 be returned



Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad demanded the wreckage of the Boeing aircraft that crashed in eastern Ukraine should be returned to Malaysia. 

Due to its neutral position, the country is not a member of the special commission for the investigation of the reasons of the crash despite the fact that Malaysia was the owner of the tragic flight. Holland preferred not to recover some of the fragments of the airplane just because they raised no interest with investigators. 

"I am very unhappy with the partial removal of Malaysia from investigation (of the crash). The plane belongs to Malaysia; the pilots, the crew and many passengers were Malaysians ... Yet, the fragments were not even returned to Malaysia," Mohamad said, RIA Novosti reports. 

"What law made the plane the Dutch property?" the prime minister asked sadly. 

In addition, Mohamad also questioned the involvement of militia forces in the crash of the liner.

"How could they (the US) identify the missile so quickly and even determine who launched it? I remember when a US warship launched a missile that shot down an Iranian passenger plane. Was that misidentification or willful neglect of the lives of the people who were not Americans?" the official said. 

"As a Malaysian, I demand the wreckage of MH17 should be returned to Malaysia," said Mohamad.


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