Julian Assange willing to help Edward Snowden

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange condemned the U.S. for revoking the passport of Edward Snowden, making him thus unable to leave the transit area of ​​ Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia, according to Politico.

"The United States, by canceling his passport, has left him for the moment marooned in Russia. To take a passport from a young man in a difficult situation like that is a disgrace," Assange told ABC's This Week. The founder of Wikileaks added that he was not aware of the development of the situation with the provision of citizenship to Snowden. He said that he would be willing to help him out of  personal affection to the former CIA officer.

Assange himself has been staying at the Embassy of Ecuador in London for a year already. If he leaves the building, he will be immediately arrested and sent to Sweden, where he will face sex violence charges. Police officers are constantly on duty around the building, which costs taxpayers of the country impressive amounts of money. 


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