Healthcare System: Opinions Differ

   Disputes over changes in U.S. Healthcare System can not be settled day and night.

  In town hall meetings across the country, people who are satisfied with their health care are speaking up and voicing anxiety over how they may be affected if proposed health care reform legislation passes.

  Some of those with serious illnesses worry that they may lose their ability to choose the best specialists. Others, seeing their own older relatives nearing the end of life, wonder whether the same level of care and coverage will be available to them when they reach that stage.

  Despite complaints about coverage decisions made by some insurers, during the past five years between 63 percent and 70 percent of U.S. adults with coverage have rated that coverage good to excellent, according to Gallup Poll data.

   Throughout the summer, many of these people have been letting their legislators know their fears, in what many see as a life-or-death fight. Others says the fight is a partisan struggle over how much government should get involved with the private enterprise of medicine.

  Now all eyes are back on Congress as it formally picks up the health care reform debate, according to