Ukraine Boeing crash evaluated at $900mln

Relatives of the victims of the Malaysian Boeing that crashed last summer in Ukraine, accused former defense minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk, Igor Strelkov, of attacking the passenger aircraft. Supposedly, the former leader of the Donetsk militia was executing a task from the Kremlin. the Relatives of the victims want Strelkov to compensate them in the amount of $900 million. The plaintiffs' attorney, Floyd Wisner, said that it was not about the money, but an explanation from Strelkov.

Yuri Gorodnenko, political scientist, publicist

"They are primarily interested in the Russian property here. They want to put pressure on Russian business to make it more loyal to the West. In addition, they want to discredit Russia as a state through this information warfare. The outcome of the story depends on what the Russian authorities will do. If the Russian administration prefers to run passive policies at this point, the West will accuse Russia of killing the civilians."

Did Russia have to give the flight recorders of the crashed Boeing to the West?

Yuri Gorodnenko, political scientist, publicist:

"Before handing the black boxes over, Russia should have ensured strict control over the content of the black boxes. They should have been unsealed only in the presence of a Russian representative. We didn't do it, so why complain now?"

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