Russian village man attracts drunkards by facing his house with beer cans

Anatoly Tupitsin, residing in the village of Davidovka, is an ardent collector of beer cans. His passion for empty beer cans was a constant reason to fight with his wife, Ekaterina: their whole house was inundated with aluminium pieces of Anatoly's collection.

It was the collector's wife, who put forward the idea to face the whole house with his collection to avoid the draught. "At first I simply ignored the suggestion completely, but a little bit later I found the idea just brilliant!" Anatoly said.

To collect the needed amount of beer cans, the old man started visiting the places where young people hang out - bars and clubs. Such places became the perfect source of the "construction material."

"Beer cans justified themselves from the practical point of view. It became a lot warmer in the house: aluminium is capable of holding warmth even when it is freezing outside," the pensioner said proudly.

Simple calculations made Anatoly Tupitsin conclude that the cans were very good from the economical point of view too. "They give 20-25 kopecks for a beer can in metal scrap collection points. The walls of my house would thus be estimated at about 700 rubles (about $25). If I wanted to face the house with wooden material, it would take me ten thousand rubles the minimum ($300)," said he.

The "beer-canned" house became a place of interest and an eye-catcher for local drunkards immediately. "There is only one problem: the cans start reflect sunlight, which may bother some people. My husband collects beer lids now, which is also very good because they do not take much space in the house," Anatoly's wife said.

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