Remedy for loneliness

A new invention designed specifically for lonely women

Japan comes up with another invention. This time it is a pillow designed specifically for lonely women. The new product is made in a form of a man's body filled with foamy solution.

In actuality, the pillow resembles a man's bicep, which is usually placed under a lady's head. Hence the pillow's name: "A friend's arm".

According to the inventor of the product (by the way, it is a man) Tomoki Kakehasi, he was inspired by the words of his grandmother who used to say: "The most comfortable pillow is another human being."

Many women who have purchased "Friend's Arm” claim that their sleep and their personal life in general have significantly improved, since the day they purchased this revolutionary pillow.

This "man" stays true to you no matter what and more so, does not snore.

"Friend's Arm” costs $80 USD and comes with pajamas in blue, pink or green colors.

Manufacturers of the "magic" pillow have already designed similar device for men. In this case however, a man's head will rest peacefully on a female's hip.

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