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Former US army base available on eBay

Former American army base, on which Titan 1 strategic missiles used to be deployed, is now available on eBay online auction. The starting price of the lot is $1.45 million. The base is located not far from Denver, Colorado. A buyer will have a right to use the territory of 230 square kilometers, missiles shafts, air-raid shelters and several buildings, including the former headquarters of the base. The lot is marked on the auction as 'ultra rare' – only 18 such missile complexes have been built in total.

It is guaranteed the buyer will not be bothered at the army base; there will be no neighbors around either. Civilization is not far from the base: superb view of mountains and only 20 minutes drive from the international airport, the description of the eBay lot runs.

The base is meant to be used as a camp for corporate picnics, or a warehouse, which fits perfectly to store wine or archives. Sellers note, $100 million were spent to build the base in the 1960s, RBC reports. In addition, it is mentioned on the website the owner of the former army base will remain safe and sound in its underground facilities even in case of an A-bomb explosion.