Danish company to get Russian centenarian steamer off sandbar free

Danish rescuers are having a busy weekend to get the Russian steam tug "Duncan" off a sandbar. A floating crane came early this morning, and a divers' team is being knocked up to tie hauling cables to the stranded ship, which is a hundred years old.

Underwater photographs reveal no damages on the "Duncan", which stays erect at a 13 metre depth after a bad tilt was coped with, Thursday night, as rescuers were preparing to tug it off to the Kalundborg seaport nearby, Torben Stae of the Svitzer rescue company said to RIA Novosti over the telephone. The charitable Svitzer is determined to do the job free, he reassured.

Perplexed Danish experts do not see just why the "Duncan" sank down, added the interviewee.