American President had a candy in the Kremlin

American president George Bush, who has recently hurt his face, having fallen off a couch after he choked with a pretzel (it used to be news number one), still likes tasty things. On May 24, when Bush was in Moscow, he had a candy during the meeting with President Putin in the Kremlin. World mass media did not deprive this fact of their attention.

As it was reported, Bush noticed sweet things on the table, took a candy, and quickly put it in his mouth. wrote that it happened, when Putin and Bush were sitting at table for negotiations. However, when Putin started his speech with an address to the American president, George Bush took the candy out of his mouth and put it on the wrapper. We have to say here that before coming to Russia Bush read Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment in order to get a better understanding of the Russian soul.