The Day of Orgasm is now celebrated in Brazil

The municipal authorities of the Brazilian town of Esperantina passed the law, pursuant to which 35 thousand citizens of the town are now charged with doing their best once a year to reach the sexual satisfaction. The orgasmic day is May 9.

A member of the municipal council Arimateya Dantas initiated the celebration of such an unusual day. He got this idea because of his own sad sexually experience he once had. Like he said, he had premature ejaculation and it was very hard for him to make his ex-lover orgasm: “She was very hot, but it took her long to have orgasm and I could not hold for her.” There was an opinion poll carried out among the people of the mentioned town and it helped Dantas to realize “the importance of having orgasm.” As it turned out, only 28% of the citizens of the town experienced orgasm during a sexual intercourse. Dantas thought “this was not good.”

For the time being it is not known, how the citizens of the Brazilian town will react to such news. Inaldo Franco, the mayor of the town of Jose, has already set out his disagreement with the municipal authorities, which made such a decision. Franco said he was against celebrating the Day of Orgasm on May 9 and that he was very ashamed of that pornographic project. –dos-