Name of Peter the Great Ancestor Was Cat

An exhibition “Tomcats. 300 and 3 more years” opens in the exhibition halls of St.Petersburg’s Yelaginoostrovsky museum palace.

Press-service of the museum informs, representatives of the cat family inspired artists for creation of pictures, sculptures and other works of art. The exhibition will consist of about 60 works created by ten artists, famous contemporary artists of Russia are among them. The exhibition will be supplied with artworks – fragments of work Cat Stories in St.Petersburg by Maria Kunkite.

The author discovered very interesting facts during her researches. As it turned out, a distant relative of ancestors of Peter the Great had a surname Cat. The investigator mentions several interesting facts in the book: for instance, Empress Elizabeth anxious about the increasing number of mice in her palace in St.Petersburg issued a decree. The decree issued on October 3, 1745 ordered governor of Kazan “to find the best and the largest breeds of cats capable of mice catch, send them to St.Petersburg to the imperial palace.”

According to the ideas of the exhibition organizers, “the March catlike spirits” will prevail at opening of the exhibition: music hits where cats are mentioned will sound in the halls of the palace. Visitors of the exhibition are allowed to behave in compliance with this “spring cat spirits”, the museum press service informs.

The exhibition “Tomcats” is to be held in St.Petersburg for the third time already. This time it will last till April 5.