Russians Spend 250 Rubles on Bribes Monthly

The sum total of bribes in Russia makes up not less than 30 billion dollars per year. Businessmen have to bribe mostly, however the level of everyday bribes is also very high in this country. “Everyday corruption” is estimated at the rate of about 3 billion dollars, which means that every Russian spends over 250 rubles (it is about 10 dollars) for bribes ever month.

When we consider the fact that Russia’s living wage doesn’t exceed 2 thousand rubles, we can see that this “corruption” expense item makes up a rather considerable part of an average family budget in Russia.

Everyday bribes certainly include “incentives” to road police officers in order to avoid payment of a fine for violation of traffic regulations; small bribes during registration of documents; presents to different secretaries of influential bosses or to hospital nurses. Bribes to lecturers in institutions of higher education can also be added to this category; they are given more seldom, but at the same time the size of such bribes is bigger.

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Author`s name: Editorial Team