Lions are Fashionable Watchdogs

An unusual auction was held in the South African Republic: grown-up lions, young lions and cubs were put up for the exotic auction. The auction was held in one of the South African provinces, where over 800 clients from all over the republic arrived for the trades. A nine-year-old lion with a splendid black mane was the central lot at the auction. It was sold for a record price of 300 thousand rands (it is over 30 thousand dollars). Lion cubs for 1.200 – 7.500 rands were extremely popular as well. As a result of the auction, 38 lions were sold.

Inspectors from the South African society against cruelty to animals and representatives of the Society for environmental protection were present at the auction. They registered no violation during the trades.

Lion breeding has been a profitable business in South African republic for a long period already. Zoos and natural preserves traditionally buy lions bred there. But recently lions have become very popular among owners of large estates: it is believed that a lion is a better watch than a dog. So in case when some territories are guarded by lions, the warnings on fences of estates don’t mention that the lions are angry, as everybody understands it’s better to keep away from such places.

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