In Vologda region a bear smashed a Zhiguli car

A bear attacked a Zhiguli vehicle on the outskirts of the Russian city of Vologda. As the driver said, the visibility on the road was very bad due to the thick smoke from wood fires. He was driving really slow and bumped into a bear. The animal was not hurt at all. It hit the “offender” back, having smashed the hood of the car with its paw.

Local hunters say that the bear found itself on that road absolutely incidentally. Most likely, the bear lost his sense of coordination due to peatbog smoke. Specialists say that peatbog fires in the Vologda region makes wild animals leave the areas of their living and come closer to settlements. There have been a lot of snakes noticed in Vologda suburban towns. People say that they often see a lot of elks that come out to drink water several times a day, without paying attention to people nearby.

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