New trend: Women breastfeeding pets alongside their babies

A new show is going to be aired on one of television networks. The show will be called "Extreme Breastfeeding" and will be devoted to women who breastfeed not only their own children, but also animals. 

There are women, who do not stop at breastfeeding puppies along with their own infant children. For example, a woman from Buenos Aires saved a Rottweiler puppy by breastfeeding it together with her own baby.

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"I put the puppy to my breast and it started taking milk," she told TLC. "We made the decision to save a life. And thank god, we have our dog Gauchita here today," the woman said.  

Some may find the fact of a woman breastfeeding a puppy weird and even revolting. To defend such women, others say that there is absolutely nothing bizarre in cross-species breastfeeding. For instance, most humans are drinking milk that was sourced from cows. Therefore, there is nothing strange in a woman breastfeeding a Rottweiler puppy, activists say. Apparently, the ones who believe so do not realize the fact that it is humans who use animals for food - not vice versa

Men, who have seen the photos of the woman breastfeeding a puppy, found a zoophilic context in the images. A typical comment is: "Oh man! That dog is licking her breast!" However, what men need to understand is that breastfeeding is not a sexual act. It's an act of nourishment.

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