Bananas, children, sex and rock-n-roll for women’s health

There are 16 basic rules each woman must follow, according to medical experts.

The hygiene is no doubt important and can prevent from the development of many serious infectious diseases. But excessive cleanliness is not a good way to perfect health either. The research conducted by British doctors shows that the women, who use special antibacterial agents instead of common soap, are more vulnerable to infections, because strong antiseptics destroy the bacterial equilibrium of the body. Useful bacteria die, while strong pathogens survive and start propagating.

The oral contraception, i.e. taking morning-after pills, is not only the best way to prevent the unwanted pregnancy, but can also contribute to strengthening woman’s health. It decreases the risk of ovarian carcinoma by 20% for 30 years after the course of treatment.

Black tea is healthier than green one. It guards your oral cavity from bacterial contamination. The latter can cause caries and the formation of minor blood clots in blood vessels, which may trigger an infarction. Black tea prevents this.

Do not think that diet cola is very good for your health. It contains such flavor booster as phosphoric acid (E338) that literally washes away calcium from your organism. It can lead to bone dystrophy and other “skeletal” problems.

Some narcologists assert that small doses of alcohol are healthy, but oncologists do not agree. Just a drop of alcohol increases the risk of cancer of any type. Red wine stimulates breast cancer.

We remind that folic acid is one of the six most essential substances for a woman. Its lack can cause innate defects during pregnancy. On the contrary, the sufficient amount of folic acid prevents age-related retinal degeneration – the most frequent cause of blindness among the elderly.

A recent research conducted among one million women in Britain revealed that the ideal body mass index (BMI) is about 24. To calculate it, divide your weight in kilograms by your squared height in meters. For example, 70 kg / 1.7 m × 1.7 m = 24.2. Women with BMI below 18.5 may have problems with conception and are more prone to osteoporosis.

Be careful with hormonal therapy, which is often carried out after the menopause. The combination of some hormones can but ruin your health. For instance, the “cocktail” of estrogen and progestogen stimulates breast cancer and ovarian carcinoma. The redundancy of estrogen alone increases the risk of endometrium cancer.

Do not smoke. Smoking women have cervical carcinoma two times more often.

Polycystic ovary and other diseases suppressing the ovulation are considered the most common cause of female infertility nowadays. The treatment with vitamin D helps prevent these problems. The main source of this vitamin is sunshine. You are not bound to sunbathe if you are afraid of skin cancer. You should just walk in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day. If you are going to take a sunbath, remember what medicines you have taken recently. Some drugs raise the skin sensitivity and this way make you more vulnerable to cancer and burns. To this risk group belong antibiotics, medicines for high blood pressure and for lowering the cholesterol level, some contraceptive and nonsteroidal antiseptic remedies (including ibuprofen) as well as anti-acne creams.

Every fourth middle-aged woman suffers from depression or other mental disorders. One of the causes is the lack of amino acid tryptophan, which we get exclusively from food – particularly from turkey, curd cheese, plums and bananas.

A woman must give birth to a child before she turns 30 – it lessens the risk of breast cancer. Besides, breastfeeding mothers are 50% less prone to rheumatoid joint inflammation than others.

Regular physical exercises, including dumbbell lifting, strengthen torso muscles, prevent pains in the back and waste and make your figure slim.

A common drum belly (abdominal swelling) can be a symptom of ovarian carcinoma, so you should pay attention to it. A permanent discomfort in the stomach can indicate the so-called irritable bowel syndrome. It may be accompanied by acute pains and intense gas formation. Sometimes it may require surgery.

Regular sex is literally able to rejuvenate a woman: 200 orgasms a year make her look 6 years younger. Sex is a natural way to improve the immune system.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov