Chris Brown's Sentence Delayed

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that the sentencing of rapper Chris Brown for assaulting his former girlfriend, Rihanna, will be delayed for three weeks until August 27.

According to People, Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg made the decision yesterday to allow for clarification of his six-month community labour sentence, reports.

The 20-year-old arrived at a Los Angeles court to hear his punishment, but was told the session had been postponed, because Judge Patricia Schnegg is allowing more time for authorities in Virginia to respond over whether Brown would be able to carry out community work in his home state, The Press Association reports.

Patricia Schnegg told the R&B star that she doesn't want him doing easy community service but rather 1,400 hours of "community labor" for smacking around his ex-girlfriend.

"I do not favor community service," said Schnegg, explaining that she wants to see Brown, 20, outdoors picking up trash or cleaning up graffiti.

Brown pleaded guilty June 22 to assaulting Rihanna, 21, after they left a pre-Grammy gala in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, The New York Daily News reports.

Meanwhile, the incident between the two young singers sparked an outcry from their fans and groups that offer support and services to victims of domestic abuse.

Last month Brown issued his first public apology, calling his loss of control that night in February, "unacceptable, 100 percent," and asking for forgiveness, Reuters reports.