Disputs over "Habbits" don't stop: Is it really a human species unknown before?

Till this time these finds have been called one of the most significant in centuries. The skeleton of a three-foot high creature, which apparently lived at the same time as Homo sapiens, was also a startling piece of evolutionary science, ABC Online reports.

But now a US scientist is questioning the existence of the Hobbit, and an Australian archaeologist who made the discovery is not happy.The skeleton of a one metre tall female who died around 18,000 years ago was held up by its discovers as the type specimen for a new human species, Homo floresiensis. It was found in a cave on the Indonesian Island of Flores and nicknamed Hobbit because of its small size.

Findings from Chicago based scientist, Dr Robert Martin are questioning new specie’s existence. Scientist says, the skeleton, found an Indonesian island had only genetic anomaly, which was the reason of the reduced brain’s size, according to BBC News.