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Apple G5 - fastest personal computer? No.

A complaint against Apple's claim has been upheld by the UK's advertising watchdog. The complaint was a response to the claim of Apple advertisers that its Power Mac G5 was the "world's fastest personal computer" . The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the G5 was not the fastest computer "in all circumstances for all applications", quotes indicates, that the complaints were apparently made by members of the public living in Middlesex and in Monmouthshire. When competitors complain about advertising, the ASA usually indicates that.

There were three objections to the ad, as noted; that the machine was "the world's fastest personal computer" that it was "the first with a 64-bit processor" and that "the systems built around the G5 can shatter the 4-gigabyte memory ceiling that limits every other PC on earth".

"It understood from the advice that the advertisers' tests showed the Power Mac G5 was faster than the other two processors (the ones used in Dell Dimension 8300 and the Dell Precision 650) on some applications under certain conditions, but not that it was the fastest processor in all circumstances for all applications," it was said.