Frigate Nadezhda calls on St. Petersburg in the course of its round-the-world voyage

The Russian training frigate Nadezhda has called on St. Petersburg in the course of its round-the-world voyage and is moored at this very moment by the Lieutenant Shmidt Embankment.

The frigate arrived in the city to take part in the celebration of its 300th anniversary and in a large-size international regatta.

During the ship's stay in St. Petersburg, the future navigators on board the Nadezhda will be replaced by second-year marine engineers, reported a source in the Vladivostok-based Admiral Nevelsky Naval University, which owns the frigate.

Once the celebration is over, the Nadezhda will head towards London, its next port of call.

The ship has sailed across 13 seas and the Pacific and Indian Oceans since the moment it embarked on its journey from Vladivostok on January 25th. The whole enterprise is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the famous Russian navigators Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yury Lisyansky's round-the-world voyage on board the sailing ships Nadezhda and Neva, with the route being similar to that which Kruzenshtern and Lisyansky's party covered two hundred years ago.

More than 60 of the university's third-year naval cadets successfully combine practice and studies. Apart from all-hands evolutions and on-deck jobs, they take nine classes daily.

A Russian research party on board the frigate carries out oceanic and atmospheric studies specified in the program of the voyage.

The voyage, which envisages calls on more than 20 ports in various countries, is to continue for more than a year.

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