Planet Nibiru sows panic among astronomers and NASA

Planet Nibiru drives astronomers to a frenzy

Astronomers tried to debunk a few myths that have recently emerged in connection with the emergence of planet Nibiru, which is believed to be capable of destroying the Earth.

In a special radio show, researchers discussed the myths about the threat that comes from planet Nibiru which is allegedly approaching our planet. The audio of the show "Skeptic Check: Nibiru! (Again!)" was uploaded on the official website of SETI organisation.

Expert David Morrison, sociologist Robert E. Bartholomew and Michael Brown took part in the discussion, the video of which was also made available on YouTube. The experts refuted the existence of the deadly heavenly body.

Astronomer Robert Walker, whose experience in science counts more than 50 years, demanded the monetization of YouTube videos about the end of the world should end, because such videos sow panic among people. The researcher believes that the end of the world videos bringing no profit to uploaders will make the latter lose interest in the topic, and the panic will subside.


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