iPod Touch to get a camera?

One of the features that iPod Touch users have been requesting from Apple is a camera. According to reports, they soon may be getting it.

While attributing its information only to a "sources in Asia," TechCrunch claims that Apple has placed an order for camera modules destined for the next version of the iPod Touch. The size of the order, according to TechCrunch, is "massive," CNET News reports.

Future versions of the Apple iPod could include a camera for still photos and video, adding another layer of functionality to the popular line of devices, eWeek reports.

This rumor comes from TechCrunch. According to its Asian sources, Apple has purchased a massive number of camera modules just like the ones in the iPhone 3GS. Due to the substantial size of the order, it is assumed that these cameras are meant for the iPod line, NetworkWorld.com reports.

But Until Apple announces it, it's still just a rumor. This makes a lot of sense and if Apple applies its ease-of-use approach, this could draw away business from Flip and others. In the case of the iPod Touch, which starts at $229, you could have a music player, web browser, applications platform and a video camera all in one device. That's pretty compelling, even if the video quality doesn't stand up to other dedicated devices, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.