Pros and cons of theory linking lip gloss to skin cancer

Lately the world has raised concern over the link of lip gloss to skin cancer. Let’s figure out all the pros and cons of this new theory.

On the one hand, dermatologists claim that the translucent sheen of lip gloss helps ultraviolet penetrate the skin of the lips.

On the other hand, some other scientists try to show the controversial side of this problem.

They draw analogy between lip gloss in the sun and oil to accelerate tanning. The explanation is that any increased penetration of ultraviolet happens due to "enhanced optical passage" of the dangerous rays. The increase, though, is estimated as very small.

As an argument, scientists draw the analogy between lip gloss in the sun and oil used to accelerate tanning.

Thus, the theory remains the theory as there are no evidence or counter-evidence. The theory requires tests and trials.

Specialists can only be satisfied with a couple recommendations: to protect skin one should wear at least SPF 15 (no matter where, cheeks or lips).