Alameda County estimates and maps rates of life expectancy

Alameda County public health department released a part of its report linking life expectancy with a number of social and health factors.

The study, called "Life and Death From Unnatural Causes in Alameda County,” was based on death certificates, other vital statistics and their link with geographic location.

The study adduced such arguments: life expectancy is closely connected with such factors as race, education, income, housing and health disparities of Alameda County ’s inhabitants.

The findings revealed that illness is characteristic of low-income residents and people of color because of social, economic, transportation, housing and education inequities.

White county residents showed moderate increase in rates of life expectancy from 72 years in 1960 to over 80 in 2005 in comparison with life expectancy for blacks that showed only 5-year increase – from 68 years in 1960 to about 73 in 2005.

Higher education also has impact upon life expectancy. People with a high school graduation rate under 70% live five years fewer on average than residents with a graduation rate of at least 90%.

The study also features homicide rates.

County public health department promised to publish complete findings in May.