It can make you happier if you spend money on others

A new study claims that we can buy happiness with money.

It goes without saying that you are happy and elated when you spend money on yourself but real happiness lies in spending money on others.

Social psychologists offer enough evidence to support this theory:

- People find it more valuable and pleasant to buy gifts or participate in charity acts, than indulge themselves, according to multiple polls;

- On the basis of evidence received from working class participants, profit-sharing bonuses play a great role in “carving out” happiness, but the most important thing is not the size of the bonus but the way it’s spent;

- There was conducted an experiment, when students were given either $5 or $20 to spend by the end of the day. Those who spent it on themselves were less happier, than those who were asked to spend it on themselves.

It means that the amount of money is as important as they way people spend it.