Russian Olympic Committee will award gymnast Alexei Nemov for performance in Athens Olympics

Russian Olympic Committee will award Alexei Nemov with $40,000 as the sportsman demonstrated not only outstanding performance, but also an extremely strong will at the Athens Olympics, ITAR-TASS reported. In addition, the Russian Federation of Journalists Covering Sports, will submit a request to Fair Play International Committee to grant Alexei Nemov the award of this organization.

The Russian sportsman became the victim of unfair judges who gave him unreasonably low mark for his performance at the horizontal bar.

The public in the Olympic stadium became indignant with the judges’ decision. For 15 minutes, the people were expressing their protest by shouting and whistling. Besides Russians, the sport fans of all nationalities were protesting – Greeks, Italians, Germans, Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Spanish, Canadians. The recognition by the public was the real medal for the Russian athlete. Sport is like the theater – it is not only for sportsmen and judges.

Russian delegation submitted the not of protest to the International Olympic Committee, but it will hardly be satisfied. However, we will remember Alexei Nemov as the great gymnast and great man who finished his career in sports with much dignity and said the truth, ”I finished my career with dignity, as I wanted. I am grateful to the fans, I have never gained such a support. This is happiness for the sportsmen when the public understands what is really going on”. Having such a character, Alexei Nemov will gain much success in his further life.