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Aeroflot creates unrealizable conditions for Russian aircraft manufacturers

Aeroflot Russian Airlines will today announce a tender for 30 short-haul passenger jets. The potential bidders include the Russian companies Sukhoi Grazhdanskiye Samolyoty (Civilian Aircraft), MiG and Antonov ANTK, which manufacture the regional liners RRJs, Tu-334s and An-148s, and the Canadian company Bombardie and Brazil's Embraer.

But, according to Izvestia, the tender conditions practically rule out any possible win for the Russian producers, while the Canadian and Brazilian ones have a fair chance. The point is that Aeroflot is targeting a regional airliner priced up to $12 million. In the view of a MiG spokesman, "this is an unacceptable requirement for all Russian companies".

Izvestia believes that the tender may prove to be a screen to cajole the state into giving another series of customs exemptions to purchase aircraft abroad.