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US warships complete visit to Russia's main Pacific base

A US squadron of warships, which included the cruiser Kaupens and the landing ship Harpers Ferry, has completed its unofficial visit to and left the main base of the Russian Pacific fleet - Vladivostok, RIA Novosti was told at the fleet's press-service on Wednesday.

An American naval delegation made calls on the commander of the Russian Pacific fleet and the administrations of Primorye Territory and Vladivostok.

The US navymen laid wreaths to the Pacific Fleet War Glory memorial, visited the Admiral Makarov Naval Institute, and made a sightseeing tour of the city.

Before arriving at Vladivostok, the US ships took part on July 2 in one-day Russian-British-American naval manoeuvres. The joint exercise - the first in the history of the three navies - took place in Pyotr Veliky Bay outside Vladivostok.

For several hours the crews of six surface warships practiced drills in communications, maneuvering and safeguarding civilian shipping lanes.

Taking part on the Russian side were the big anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, a fast guided missile boat, a sea patrol plane, and two ship-based helicopters.

From the British naval forces, the destroyer Exceter and auxiliary oiler Grey Rover participated in the manoeuvres On July 2 they completed their five-day visit to Vladivostok.

The overall direction of the manoeuvres was exercised by Rear Admiral Sergei Avramenko, commander of the Primorye flotilla of the Pacific fleet.

In his view, the crews gained experience of joint operations at sea and, most important of all, extended the format of dynamically developing naval diplomacy, making it more trustful and constructive.