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Every 4th or 5th Russian teenager has tried drugs

'Every 4th or 5th Russian teenager has some experience with narcotic use.' According to a Rosbalt correspondent, this was the message of Moscow doctor Andrei Seltsovsky at the opening of the conference "Aids, Cancer and Related Problems".

According to Dr. Seltsovsky, approximately 4% of teenagers age 14-18 are addicted to drugs. In addition, more than half of all drug addicts are involved in narcotics distribution. Seltsovsky noted that Russia shows all the signs of a drug epidemic.

The 12th international conference dedicated to the problem of HIV/AIDS in Russia and the world, "Aids, Cancer and Related Problems", takes place in Saint Petersburg May 24-28. The conference "Aids, Cancer and Related Problems" is the only large-scale, yearly gathering in Russia dedicated to the AIDS problem. Organizers of the conference are the Biomedical Center, Saint Petersburg State University, and State Research Institute of particularly clean biological preparations cooperating in AIDS vaccine development.