Fowlpox Has Come from Holland

Fowlpox can kill chickens in some regions of Russia's Central Black Soil Zone. Breed incubation eggs coming from Holland and designated for receiving elite offspring turned to be infected by this disease.

Head of the Lipetsk Region veterinary administration Anatoly Nikolayenkov reported that quarantine had been established at all factories of the region for three months - the entire incubation period of the disease which can kill up to 90 percent of hen stock. The quarantine will spread to the entire poultry industry of the Central Black Soil Zone.

The "Zolotoi Petushok Invest" concern from the Voronezh Region, which purchased and distributed infected eggs, is now investigating the case with the supplier. As far as the Lipetsk specialists are concerned, they not only try to stop epidemics but also study possible negative consequences of the fowlpox for people. Until now, this disease has not been dangerous for them.