Russia Rejects Illegal Arms Deliveries to Iraq

Senior officials of the country say that it was out of the question

We have already reported that Washington presented an official protest to the Russian Federation. The protest was based on the allegation of illegal deliveries of arms to Iraq. As American officials said, two Russian companies allegedly delivered anti-tank missiles, night vision devices and radio interception equipment to Iraq. The Washington Post newspaper has already published an article on the matter.

The company Aviaconversion (little-known Russian enterprise) strongly rejected the information of the American media. Oleg Antonov, the director of the company, said that the information was absolutely not true. “Our company did not deliver anything to Iraq,” said he.

Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov released an official statement today too. He particularly mentioned that Russia did not deliver any weapons to Iraq, contrary to the sanction regime. As the foreign minister said, the USA made several inquiries about possible arms deliveries to Iraq: “Adequate Russian departments investigated all those issues very carefully, providing answers to them,” the minister stated. The last answer like that was given on March 18th. “There were no facts found to prove the American concern,” Igor Ivanov added.

The article that was published in the Washington Post looks like a very cheap kind of provocation. The informational war goes on. They try to get Russia involved in it now.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov