Hamid Karzai was about to talk with Allah

The Afghan government announced that an attempt on the leadership of the country failed; the government accused foreigners of being behind it.

According to Afghan television, the person who was going to perform the action, was nabbed after his Toyota car ran into another vehicle, injuring the driver. The arrested man was planning to run his car into the motorcade of the country’s top officials, including President Hamid Karzai.

An Afghan general stressed that there was every reason to believe that the organizers of the attack are linked to Al-Qaeda or to another extremist group. It was added that those people were working on the plan of Karzai’s or Mohammad Fahim’s assassination (the defense minister of Afghanistan).

Terrorists have had some successes in spite of extreme superior measures: peacemakers are quartered in Kabul, and the military men of the local home ministry are always on duty. We should state here that one of the vice presidents of Afghanistan, Abdul Qadir, was assassinated in Kabul about a month ago. Two gunmen shot him as he was driving his car out of the building of the Ministry for Public Works in the center of Kabul.

Hamid Karzai claimed that it was an act of terrorism; he ordered a governmental committee to investigate the crime. Karzai’s assistant, Tayeb Jawad, told the BBC that the government believed that disarming all independent armed groups in Afghanistan was still its top priority, indirectly implying that those groups were involved in the vice president’s assassination.

Qadir was one of the three vice presidents of the country; he was the only ethnic Pashtun in the government, and his assassination was a serious damage both to Hamid Karzai’s reputation (Qadir was of Karzai’s national group) and to the reputation of the USA – his major protector.

Well, if Karzai is not a fool, then he will definitely use today’s attemtp to disarm the armed groups under the protection of English and American soldiers. He might also use this opportunity to make some changes in the staff of his government.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

CNN photo

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