Atrocities of Chechen terrorists

The Internet-newspaper “Utro” and the Center of Foreign Military Information and Communication at the Russian Defense Ministry have presented their new project, a series of documentary films about events in the Chechen republic. “Utro” was informed that these short films are based exclusively on the real facts. We dare say that they were mainly taken from the imprisoned and killed extremists during the war in the Northern Caucuses.

Warning: the films are very realistic; we don’t recommend children under 18 and people mentality unstable to watch them.

The collection of short stories covers the period of the years 1999-2002, shows operations in the Chechen Republic, tactical operations of federal forces and militant gangs, atrocities of extremists, severe executions of hostages, and torture of children and women. In many cases, guerrillas did not hide the faces while killing unarmed victims. Therefore, the murderers recorded the execution of a Russian-speaking inhabitant of Northern Caucasus, a builder who had arrived to the Chechen Republic searching for a job. The executioners grabbed the innocent person off the street of Gudermes, then brought him into one of the destroyed buildings, undressed him, and shot him.

In film The Werewolves, based on the trophy records tactic recently used by the extremists is shown in detail. They change clothes for the uniform of Russian soldiers and policemen, establish their own blockhouses, beating and shooting people passing by. There are many spontaneous markets in the Chechen Republic and bandits rob them under the guise of Russian soldiers. Thus, extremists are setting the population against federal forces.

As some military experts think, extremists used some of the videos as manuals for young and inexperienced guerrillas. The film shows Chechen commanders preparing attacks in Chechnya mountain areas and the training of militants on an obstacle course and real military operations.

You can watch the shorts in full here

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Author`s name: Editorial Team