Los Angeles: New untreatable form of AIDS

A new form of AIDS has been discovered in Los Angeles, one which is untreatable. Researchers have warned of the appearance of new strains of HIV, which due to patients abusing treatment programmes, have developed into super viruses which do not react to traditional retroviral treatment.

It is claimed by the National Institutes of Health and the University of California that these super viruses are spreading fast in San Francisco both among the heterosexual and homosexual communities.

The researchers blame the attitude of average Americans for the current situation, stating that people have stopped taking the disease seriously and have ceased to practice safe sex. Also, therapies with drugs are not being respected, with patients in many cases beginning treatment and suspending it during its course, making the virus multi-resistant to future therapies.

The researchers also claim that tens of thousands of people living in San Francisco have the new virus and that it is the new, multi-resistant strain of the virus which is passed on.

Given that California was one of the first focal points in the worldwide AIDS epidemic, it would be logical to assume that the same phenomenon will appear elsewhere in the coming years. Given that the HIV virus is one of the fastest to mutate, this seems more of a certainty than a possibility.


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