Sharon makes tough demands for Syria's participation in regional meetings

The Israeli Prime Minister made some tough, maybe insurmountable, demands for Syrian leader Bashar Assad before Sharon would agree to let Syria participate in a regional conference he is planning.

The regional conference is supposed to be used as a basis for solving regional problems, and it's resolutions are expected to have a great impact on the region.

Sharon demanded that Syria expel the terrorist organizations from it's area and withdraw it's troops from Lebanon, effectively giving up control over the nation. The Israeli's feel they can achieve peace with Lebanon if Syria releases control.

Sharon added further demands: Dismantling of Hizbollah in Lebanon and information about the three kidnapped Israeli Soldiers and a fourth Israeli kidnapped. Furthermore, Sharon demanded that Lebanon's army put it's forces on the border with Israel, pushing away terrorists threatening to act against Israel.

Effectively, unless Sharon shows at least a partial withdrawal from these demands, it will be quite difficult to have a regional conference, especially considering the fact that Israeli-Syrian relations are one of the most explosive and important issues in the region right now. The real pressure is now on the U.S., who will do all they can and pressure both sides to compromise on these demands.

Gil Eyal PRAVDA.Ru

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