Donald Trump tries but fails to bed Miss Universe

A novel attempt by billionaire Donald Trump, American sponsor for the Miss Universe competition, to “examine” the French candidate Elodie Gossuin, has made the headlines around the world. Trump wanted to have the candidate “examined” after claims that she had been born a man, but an investigation into her birth certificate proved that she had been born a woman. The Miss Universe and Miss World competitions are like cattle fairs, where the world’s male population enjoy, twice-yearly, the institutional right to measure and discuss the female contenders, reduced to the level of a herd of sheep. People like Trump are waiting in the sidelines to make their move for the prettier girls who enter these competitions to gain added value for a future modelling career. Claiming that a contestant was a trans-sexual is a novel ploy to “examine” a woman, albeit an insulting one. While the age-old ploys of removing the wedding ring and claiming to be single (only for the white mark to be revealed), inviting the lady to see the collection of stamps or asking her how she would like her bacon cooked the next morning are euphemisms long exploited and now discredited, one must admit that to accuse a woman of being a transsexual so as to “examine” her, wins the prize for audacity, cheek, cunning…and pig-faced arrogance.


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